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    3 Kinds of Props in Vue

    February 2024

    One of Vue's core features is the use of props. Props are how we pass data around in Vue, from parent to child components. But not all props are created equal.

    The 6 Levels of Reusability

    February 2024

    We all want to write less code, but get more done. To make this happen, we build our components so they can be reused more than just once.

    SSR Safe Dynamic IDs in Vue

    January 2024

    Dynamic IDs are useful for testing, but can get tricky with SSR. Let's make a directive to do this easily, in both vanilla Vue and in Nuxt.

    Controlled Props Pattern

    January 2024

    There are a few instances where you want to be able to override the internal state of a component and force it open from the parent. The controlled props pattern is designed for exactly this situation.