Building a (Totally) Unnecessary If/Else Component in Vue

July 2023

I decided to do something a little weird, and maybe you’ll think I’ve gone (slightly) insane. I wanted to see what it would look like to make an `If...Else` component.

The Extract Conditional Pattern in Vue

June 2023

An extremely common question I get asked all the time is, “how do you know when to split up a component?” I want to share a simple pattern with you that is basically fool-proof, and can be applied to lots of components with almost no thought.

6 Reasons to Split up Components

June 2023

Take your components and break them up into smaller pieces. Or create new components and composables that let you encapsulate and reuse code in a better way. This is the simplest way to clean up your Vue app and make you and your team more productive.

The Hidden Components Pattern

April 2023

There might be components hidden inside of your existing components. Finding them and extracting them will make your code simpler, and easier to use.

Building a Custom Twitter Scheduler with Markdown Support

March 2023

Wouldn't it be great if you could write with Markdown on Twitter, with code blocks and proper syntax highlighting? Well, I built myself a tool that does just that.

Options Object Pattern

March 2023

There are many patterns you can use to improve your composables. Using an object to pass parameters in is a very useful one that’s used all over the place — just take a look at the source of VueUse.

Effective State Management

March 2023

How do we structure the state in our applications more effectively? It’s a question I’ve asked myself a lot over the years, because state is so central to app development and can be so difficult to wrangle.

3 Ways to Create Inline Composables

March 2023

Composables are great, except that it seems we always need to create a new file for them. I want to explore some ways we can create inline composables — no need to create new files all over the place!

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