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    🔥 (#87) Nuxt Nation and Using useRoute


    Today I'm giving a talk at Nuxt Nation, it's a live preview of one of the lessons from Mastering Nuxt 3.

    It's totally free, totally online, so go watch it here: https://nuxtnation.com/

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    Have a great week!

    — Michael

    🔥 Using useRoute

    The useRoute composable from Vue Router (and included in Nuxt 3) gives us easy access to the current route:

    const route = useRoute();

    In a template we have an injected variable instead:

      <pre>{{ $route }}</pre>

    This route object comes straight from Vue Router, so it contains everything you’d expect:

    • path
    • query
    • params
    • and more

    Here are the docs for the route object: https://router.vuejs.org/api/interfaces/RouteLocationNormalizedLoaded.html

    🔥 Forcing a Component to Update

    What do you do if a component isn’t updating the way it should?

    Likely, this is caused by a misunderstanding and misuse of the reactivity system.

    But let’s look at a quick solution using forceUpdate:

    import { getCurrentInstance } from 'vue';
    const methodThatForcesUpdate = () => {
      // ...
      const instance = getCurrentInstance();
      // ...

    Using the Options API instead:

    export default {
      methods: {
        methodThatForcesUpdate() {
          // ...
          this.$forceUpdate();  // Notice we have to use a $ here
          // ...

    Now, here comes the sledgehammer if the previous approach doesn’t work.

    I do not recommend using this approach. However, sometimes you just need to get your code to work so you can ship and move on.

    But please, if you do this, keep in mind this is almost always the wrong way, and you’re adding tech debt in to your project.

    We can update a componentKey in order to force Vue to destroy and re-render a component:

      <MyComponent :key="componentKey" />
    <script setup>
    import { ref } from 'vue';
    const componentKey = ref(0);
    const forceRerender = () => {
      componentKey.value += 1;

    The process is similar with the Options API:

    export default {
      data() {
        return {
          componentKey: 0,
      methods: {
        forceRerender() {
          this.componentKey += 1;

    You can find a deeper explanation here: https://michaelnthiessen.com/force-re-render/

    I got lots of great talk suggestions in this thread!

    Now I just have to find the time to go through them.


    📜 Nuxt Extends (video)

    In this video from LearnVue, we see how powerful the extends feature is in Nuxt 3.

    Check it out here: Nuxt Extends (video)

    💬 First Do It

    "First do it, then do it right, then do it better." — Addy Osmani

    📅 Events

    November 16-17 — Nuxt Nation (TODAY!)

    This is an online (and entirely free!) event all about Nuxt!

    I'll be speaking, along with many amazing people from the Nuxt team and beyond. It's going to be great!

    Get your ticket here: https://nuxtnation.com/

    December 1-24 — Advent of Vue

    Get a fun, holiday-themed Vue challenge every day for 24 days!

    I'm contributing a few challenges to this, along with some other incredible people from the Vue community.

    Sign up for the challenges here: https://adventofvue.com/

    🧠 Spaced-repetition: Multiple v-models

    The best way to commit something to long-term memory is to periodically review it, gradually increasing the time between reviews 👨‍🔬

    Actually remembering these tips is much more useful than just a quick distraction, so here's a tip from a couple weeks ago to jog your memory.

    In Vue 3 we're not limited to a single v-model:


    This makes dealing with complex forms a lot easier!

    First, we need to create the props and events for v-model to hook into (I've omitted a couple v-models for simplicity):

    <!-- AddressForm.vue -->
    <script setup>
    // Set up all the props
      streetName: {
        type: String,
        required: true,
      streetNumber: {
        type: Number,
        required: true,
      // ...
      country: {
        type: String,
        required: true,
    // Set up our events
      // ...

    Then, inside the component we use the prop to read the value, and emit update:<propname> to update it:

          @input="$emit('update:streetName', $event.target.value)"
          @input="$emit('update:streetNumber', $event.target.value)"
        <!-- ... -->
          @input="$emit('update:country', $event.target.value)"

    You can read more about using multiple v-models here.

    p.s. I also have three courses: Vue Tips Collection, Reusable Components and Clean Components

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