Coding Better Composables (Series)

Composables are, by far, the best way to organize business logic in your Vue 3 app.

They let you extract small pieces of logic into functions that you can easily reuse repeatedly.

This makes your code easier to write and read.

I've teamed up with Vue Mastery to give you an in-depth series on composables.

In this series we go through:

  1. How to use an options object parameter to make your composables more configurable
  2. Using the ref and unref to make our arguments more flexible
  3. A simple way to make your return values more useful
  4. Why starting with the interface makes your composables more robust
  5. How to use async code without the need for await — making your code easier to understand

In each article, we see how to implement each pattern, and why it's useful. We also look at a few examples from the VueUse package to see how it can be implemented.

This series has also been turned into a course on Vue Mastery.

Read the articles here:

  1. Coding Better Composables: (1/5)
  2. Coding Better Composables: Flexible Arguments (2/5)
  3. Coding Better Composables: Dynamic Returns (3/5)
  4. Coding Better Composables: Start with the Interface (4/5)
  5. Coding Better Composables: Async Without Await (5/5)